Cuppasa was founded in 2019 by two brothers, who’ve both worked remotely for years, often in and out of different coffee shops. One issue, they didn’t know if they were actually welcome.

For people working from coffee shops, there are no rules to know “have you earned your stay, or are you even welcome?” For coffee shops, there is no way to politely say “actually I’d prefer you to come at a different time, and please can you sit in this area, and oh, by the way, do you want to buy another coffee/pastry?” – when you don’t do table service.

Cuppasa was created to make it easier for coffee shops and those who enjoy working from coffee shops. We open up and strengthen the relationship, so remote workers and freelancers are welcome, and coffee shops can have some control. By keeping both sides happy, we can sustain the path for the remote working community and keep the coffee shops in business. Everyone is happy. 

You’re welcome.